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Not my item yet seller is light led light bike bad from Richard

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had a hard time programming my new scanner[diagon 3].when i finally got it up and running it worked fine for 6 uses. the blue tooth did not want to communicate with the scanner. I used the cable the next few times. that was the last time i could use this great scanner. I COULD GO ON U TUBE OR FACE BOOK!! but i think we can come to a better result.I was able to email you customer dept,and soon lost contact. Please tell me what my next move... Read more

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I buy from dinodirect more than two years. More than twenty orders. I'm happy with registration of shop, detailed descriptions, a convenient payment system through PayPal. The prices are cheaper than in the majority of other shops. Sometimes there are delays with sending goods. Delivery usually takes a month if I choose free shipping. Good help in reduction of price of goods is points, coupons and shares, and also regular sales. In this order I... Read more

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I ordered a PS3 controller. Immediately after payment I tried to cancel my order because I no longer wanted it I had found a much better deal. I emailed their customer service line and never got a response. The next day, I received an email stating my item was shipped. I later then contacted them by opening a case and they never got back. Then i chatted with them on Live Chat and was told to wait a day until they could contact the parcel carrier... Read more

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I bought my dress on this shop by seeing their ad on It's quite a good dress, nice and adorable I ever buy. I love the way they built it. Good quality and affordable price.True to size and is a little bit stretchy. Yeah, just a little bit. The fabric is soft and smooth so it's very comfy,makes me feel sexy.So happy to have taken the chance on this dress.Thank you dinodirect for bringing this to your buyers. Love, love, love it! I... Read more

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OK. I searched on google and gg direct me to this website.As the first time to come to this site. I found the prices are low and finally knew it's a HK based company. Then I bought my first smart watch on dinodirect,in my Order:SD231T13-DD. The package shipped a bit later but finally i received in time. It builds in android system. Works well as now. The prices are cheap as well.Then I did more purchase on this site and have been happy with... Read more

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Horrible website! Was supposed to receive my order before Christmas. Game controllers for my sons. Only when I made a complaint to paypal they finally sent my order. But was over a month later. Got the ps3 controllers and only one was sony the other 4 were off brand. Well at least they work and my kids are not asking everyday where they are. I will never buy from them again! Oh and they came in a bag not a box! Read more

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On 9th Otober I ordered (No 692P0311672-DD) extension tubes for macro photography at a total cost of USD 68.37 from Dinodirect a hongkong based online company and paid with my Citibank Mastercard When the goods arrived I found that though it was claimed that it works with autofocus zoom lenses, it would not work. Even with prime lenses it would not work. Fitting the extender tube to lens was also difficult and risked breaking the lens In short a... Read more

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I ordered an external harddrive from DinoDirect. I was not sure about the items discription so I started a live chat and "Coco" comfirmed that it is indeed an external harddrive that can store date. I received my "external" today and it is just a port for a USB. I paid R400 for this with the shipping. A port like this in South Africa wil cost me R11. I spent 3 hours with them on a live chat and send through a email. They confirmed that they... Read more

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I never received my purchase. They said it would take a long time, but after that had passed they wouldn't give me a refund. They just take your money and don't care if you get what you paid for. A good company would have fixed the problem. scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam... Read more

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