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dino is a complete rip off.

you can`t call them ,and when you email them they first said item was shipped.then they said item is on it`s way.

that was 20 days ago.and still don`t get my item.

now they said pick another item .

hello!!! you got to be kidding.

no i`m picking to paypal this company...

first this company is not in the usa.it`s a china company!!!!!

i`m telling everyone i know, don`t do anything with this rip off place.

please beware don`t go near this company

they take your money and say they can`t find your order.

just thank god i used paypal.

all i lost was time.

and money for 45days.

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Same thing for me. I ordered a couple items.

Weeks later they informed me that the items were out of stock. After hassling with them via their resolution system for a couple of weeks, I started up at the resolution center for PayPal. They immediately promised a refund, but did not deliver. A week later, and I've opened a dispute at PayPal.

I know PayPal will get my money back, but DinoDirect Still had/has use of it for a couple of months.

Let my bad experience be a warning for anyone else. Just say NO to DinoDirect...

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