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Android tablet was ordered 22/11/12 as a Christmas present for my daughter. She used it for about an hour on Christmas day and then the tablet would no longer switch on. We left for a holiday that afternoon and sent a request to Dino Direct to replace the tablet on 12/01/12, the day we returned. I lodged an RMA request as advised on their website. It promised to be resolved within a week. 3 weeks later and no resolution was reached.

On 2/02/12 I lodged a complaint via their Feedback option. Between 2/02/12 and 14/02/12 numerous emails were exchanged and they agreed to replace the tablet if I returned it. The tablet was sent back on 16/02/12. Dino Direct received the tablet on 6/03/12 however they continued to tell me that they had not received it up until 11/4/12, over a month later! on 11/4/12 they sent me an email informing me that they would like to send me a replacement tablet. 2 days later on 13/4/12 they sent me an email saying that as the order was over 3 months old they could not replace the tablet but would let me choose another item to the value of $180. It had only taken more than 3 months because they had kept stuffing me around!

I spent two and a half hours on their live chat talking to Emily today (17/04/12) asking them to honour their email and replace the defective tablet. They continue to refuse because I had purchased the tablet at a discounted price and now it was worth more than what I originally purchased it for! The fact that the price has increased is irrelevant. The fact is that it is defective and should be replaced!

Emily would not allow me to speak to her manager or anyone else even though I asked to repeatedly. She agreed let me choose a different tablet worth US$200 or less to replace the tablet with, but all tablets on their site at that price are far inferior to the original tablet ordered. The only tablet that came even slightly close was valued at $234 and Emily would not agree to that! I am out of pocket now by $241 and my daughter still has not had her defective Christmas present replaced. I am disgusted! They are no better than thieves! All I ask for is that the defective tablet be replaced with a tablet that is at least nearly as good as the original defective tablet!

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"She used it for about an hour on Christmas day and then the tablet would no longer switch on."

It is not Christmas until the 25th of December, I think you are a liar. Also, the problem you are having is not a defective tablet, it is *** user error.

Leave the tabled off charge for 2 days so that the batteries drain, then charge again and it will work properly.

This is a safety feature to stop the lipo batteries from exploding in your lap and mutilating your genitals.

Faye McKenzie

Copy of my latest email to these crooks:

YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS! You have wasted my time for the last 5 months! You have cost me a fortune! I have spent over 10 hours over the last 5 months just trying to get you to replace a defective tablet. I usually charge my clients $220 per hour. This means you have cost my business $2200 because of your ridiculously poor customer service! Your website says that the iDinor’s price is $199.49 on item A3002000PI. This means it is $6.49 more than the price I paid. All I have had so far for my $193 is hours of frustration trying to deal with your company! The very LEAST you should do is provide me with the tablet I request as a replacement to the defective tablet that you originally supplied.

You had the chance to replace the defective tablet with one the same, but you refused! Then you changed your mind and agreed! Then you lied and told me it was out of stock when I was watching your website count down the numbers day by day! You then said you could not supply it as it was a “high demand” item! You then offered that I could choose another tablet. You then AGREED to the tablet I chose. And now you decide to change your mind AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

I don’t care if “Emily” made a mistake! I should not have to pay for “Emily’s” mistakes. She is one of YOUR staff, YOU should pay for her mistakes!

This is just another example of you going out of your way to cheat your customers! You are the worst business I have ever dealt with.

I have not asked for anything excessive, I have just asked you to show some common decency considering you have stuffed me around for so long and denied my child her Christmas present for so long!


Faye McKenzie

Faye McKenzie

And so it continues. They asked me to choose another tablet to replace the defective item.

I chose 2 that I would be happy with. They AGREED to send out the tablet. The next day they realized that the tablet I had chosen and that they had agreed to was valued at $6.49 more than what I originally paid and are now telling me to chose a different tablet! Considering they have had the defective tablet in their possession since 6 March 2012 (over 2 1/2 months) and they have been stuffing around and delaying the whole process for over 5 months, I beleive the very least they can do is send me a tablet that is worth a whole 3% more than the original!

Now they are going to drag this out for even longer!! They are crooks and scammers!


Dear Faye McKenzie,

Our related department are tried to contact you about this problem. There are two items our related department introduced to you. You may interest in this. Please kindly check about your email account. And we do feel sorry about the whole inconvenience we caused to you. Sorry about that there is something wrong with the statistic. We will offer you reasonable solutions about this problem.

Have a nice day!


Louis CS-Manager


Faye McKenzie

And so it continues. It is now 2 1/2 months since they received the returned tablet and they have still not sent a replacement.

They have told me I will have to be patient as it is a "high demand" item! When they sent out the replacement of the other defective tablet, there were still 8 in stock.

Why couldn't they send it out then? They are liars and theives!


As usual Dino Direct are still trying to avoid their responsibilities. I received the following email from them:

Dear Faye McKenzie,

Thansk for your letter.

we should inform you that the item A3002000GT was out of stock we can not send to you, hope you understand, would you please choose an item around $200? Thanks for your understanding.

Have a nice day.

I responded with the following email:

Don’t lie to me!! Your website says you have 15 in stock. I have attached a print screen showing your web page for your information!

Stop trying to SCAM ME!!! Replace the item A3002000GT with either a A3002000GT or a A3002000BQ as agreed!! I will be contacting the BBB and the NSW Office of Fair Trading if this is not resolved.

Please stop your lies and deceit! You should be embarrassed at your behaviour!


I wonder what dishonest trick they will try next to avoid replacing the defective tablet, which interestingly has dropped in price by $83 in the last 24 hours!!


The order number was 961579J6-DD

The item number was A3002000GT

I would very much like the tablet replaced as it was defective and under warranty.


Dear FMckenzie,

We are sorry for any inconvenience our service may cause.

Please do not worry, DinoDirect will guarantee customer's rights and interests. Please provide your order number so we can help further.

Or you can always contact our customer service for help. Thanks and have a great day!



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